Tape 📼 is your company’s complete analytics framework. Record 🔴 events you define in-code, with an easy to use API. Playback 🎞 events as either a simple stream or aggregated view, with another easy to use API. Report 📝 insights with as much flexibility as possible, ranging from a simple number-on-a-page to an interactive dashboard.

All in code.

All in one-place.

All while staying in-sync with what you’re taping.

Tape takes an ‘Analytics-as-Code’ 💽 approach to digital measurement problems like:

Tape aims to be a complete 📦 analytics solution from tracking and enriching events, to data storage, to analysis of events, to reporting, to documentation and insights delivery.

Tape will always be free to use, open source 💻, and self-hosted ☁️.

However, we know just how challenging it is to setup analytics tracking and solve analytics issues, as well as reporting key business-critical insights over time.

Tape Recorders 📚 and Coaches 💪 are paid services to help with just that. While Tape will always be free and self-hosted, a paid service will be available for setup, deployment, and maintenance of tracking and data storage. And a separate paid service for generating insights and reports delivery.

We’re currently building interest and our understanding of the problem:solution space. Interested to learn more?

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